• The last mile of hope for children

    We work with hundreds of teachers in vulnerable communities helping them break the walls that surround their children. We asked 47 of our amazing teachers in Delhi about the challenges they face. This is what they said.

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  • A Letter to Professor Nussbaum

    Dear Professor Nussbaum

    About a year ago I was blabbering about what we do, when a young student of economics who had just joined us pointed out that it was straight out of something called the Capability Approach.


    I fired up Wikipedia. The first thing that caught my mind was the title of your first book.

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  • Saina said -- I want to fly

    In 2014 we started a little experiment.

    We walked up to a school for vulnerable children somewhere in India. We met Saina, an eight year old, and asked her what does she want to be when she grows up.

    Saina said – I want to fly.

    We gathered Saina and her friends and helped them build a hypercool library using just a wall. That’s how we got our name too.

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