We make big windows for tiny people.

Pause for a moment. Think about why you are reading this. All the books we have read, shared and lived by – they made us who we are today, at this very moment. They brought you here. But now, imagine living in a pink and yellow tent with your family and reading about how plastic is harmful to the world.

Children live in such tents in vulnerable communities that we walk past every day in our neighbourhood, city and country. They live in Delhi, Dacca and Lagos as well as in conflict zones in the Sudan.

We need a different kind of storybook.

A storybook that anybody can write. A storybook that is real, human and irreverent.

One, that is always not a fairy tale. That, costs nothing. It is written by people like you and me and the hundreds of children we serve. It needs only a single sheet of paper. We have created such a storybook.

It has eight pages of magic inside. We want you to experience it for yourself. Go ahead, download and take a print.



We are on a mission to reach every kid who doesn’t have a storybook.

But why?

In 1986, Martha Nussbaum wrote the Fragility of Goodness.

The book is still in our reading list! But what is not, are her brilliant ideas about human development. It has been broken for too long. For we have imagined it to be driven by the economics of welfare.

Our obsession for books, a passion for working with children and the Capability Approach for human development developed by her, inspires our Theory of Change. If you look closely you will perhaps see like we do, how a simple sheet of paper can be a powerful vehicle for the empowerment of a community through the development of its children.

Read how we worked with Kiran, her little friends and the Aga Khan Development Network to transform children, parent and community outcomes in India.

Today, we work with thousands of children in vulnerable communities where a library needs just a wall, where children write magical storybooks for each other, where parents & teachers are finally proud of what their children learn.



The WALLOBOOKS Project is run by a small full time team. We are supported by an equally passionate Board of Believers and a cohort of remarkable individuals around the world who constitute our Ambassadors of Hope.

Swastika Gurung, Sanjukt Saha

Swastika Gurung, Sanjukt Saha, Dhiman Ghosh, Ganesh Raptan, Krishna Acharya, Sriparna Chowdhury, Debanjana Bonnerjee, Neetu Agarwal, Sameer Khan, Devanjali Roy, Poulomi Pal, Abhishek Mitra, Kelly Beker, Amy Marley, Udayan Guha, Philippose Rajan, Sona Ram

Arijit Chanda, Aparajeeta Pradhan, Bijeta Mohanty, Dipak Kansal, Gaurav Francis, Lumena Mukherjee, Nehal Raj Pradhan, Nima Dolma, Nipuna Sen, Oyi Taki, Priyanka Lama, Ravi Rakesh, Ruma Banerjee, Sameer Sherpa, Satish Gurung, Satyaki Dey, Sayanti Mitra, Srishti Shaikh, Sudhanshu Singh, Swati Moitra, Uttam Kumar, Vijit Sunder

Our work in re:imagining learning is acknowledged by Ashoka and The Lego Foundation.


Board of Believers

Founded in 2014, we have come a long way. We are eternally in gratitude to an extraordinary bunch of individuals who believe in our work and the change we wish to achieve.

Abhijit Bhattacharya, Abhishek Ranjan, Bharat Sharma, Bholanath Banerjee, Bhuvnesh Singh, Deepak Kumar, Deepinder Singh, Dr. Debanu Das, Dibya Raj Mukhia, Dr. Ashok Ghosh, Dr. Balkumar Marthi, Evgeny Tkachenko, Gaurav Kumar, Harsh Jha, Ken Pope, Kislaya Gautam, Mala Dasgupta, Manish Garg, Manish Mehrotra, Marcelo Savignano, Mitika Kulshreshtha, Naresh Kumar Bothra, Neelkanth Mishra, Nikhil Bajpai, Pankaj Singh, Paras Garg, Paritosh Kumar, Pawas Krishna Agarwal, Poulomi Pal, Prakrit Silal, Prashasta Seth, Pravesh Dudani, Rakesh Mishra, Rajan Philippose, Dr. Rajarshi Singh, Ranvijay Kumar, Rishi Kohli, Rituparna Choudhury, Salil K. Sahu, Salman Samson Rogers, Samarpit Bhatia, Samiran Ghosh, Sandeep Kumar, Sanghamitra Chakravarty, Sanjay Ojha, Sanjay Purohit, Satish Kumar Srivastava, Sharad Kumar, Sharik Javali, Shekhar Varshney, Shirish Kher, Shobu Yarlagadda, Sona Ram, Sonu Agrawal, Subrangshu Das, Sunish Issac, Vikram Kumar, Vishal Agarwalla, Vivek Agarwal


How you can help?

Join a remarkable community of individuals from around the world who help us create magical storybooks for children.

If you work with children in a conflict zone or vulnerable community, write to us to find out how we can help you break the walls surrounding them.

We are on a mission to reach every kid who doesn't have a storybook. But we cannot do this alone.