Let's build a wall
for all we need is bricks
to limit a dream
and climb over each other.

Let's build a wall
to keep them out
and let go.

Nobody is looking.
Let's build a wall
to dam a river
win an election
kill a generation
and bury a billion ideas.

Lets build a wall.

Or let's meet 100 kids,
give them 100 books

and break a wall.


19 August 2019
TODAY we run 200+ dedicated centers across India. For over 50000 vulnerable children it is a new way to read, learn and grow together.
We are on a mission to build 100 in each state to give 1 MILLION Children a powerful opportunity to discover the world outside and shape their own future.See our locations on a map ...
For each of the 100 children covered by a WALLOBOOKS, the books they receive are often their first view of the world outside. They get a startup grant of 100 books and a major dose of love :)

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